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End of Year Assembly

 End of Year Assembly - Tuesday 24th July 2018

After lunch the whole school gathered in the hall for the final assembly of the year.  It was a time to celebrate and also to say goodbye.

Mr Tutt presented the Big Little Award.  The Award is presented to a pupil from each year 5 class at the end of the year for working hard, gaining confidence, being a good friend, being kind to others and making great progress. : Congratulations to Rachel, Lorenzo and Zoruv, this years winners of the Award.

Next it was time to thank the School Council for all they have done for the school this year, attending meetings in their lunch times .

During the summer holidays, Miss Lascelles is getting married, she will return in September as Mrs Piper.  She was challenged to complete a task - 'hoop that man!', she managed to get a hoop over Mr Hodges 3 times!!  She was wished good luck for her big day.

Miss Spoor is leaving us today, she is an amazing teacher and will be greatly missed.  She has led science, not only in St. James, but across Tunbridge Wells; she also likes to attend yoga classes, so Mr Tutt thought she could complete a yoga move, the 'downdog', whilst reciting the elements!!  She managed to successfully complete the task.  Holmewood House, you are very lucky.  

We also wished Mrs Shortland well as she prepares for the birth of her baby in the next couple of weeks.   Her challenge was to, balance on the bump!  She successfully managed to balance a tennis ball, football, glass of water and finally a jug of water on her bump, to the delight of everyone!!  

Year 6 ended the assembly with their version of 'This is Me' from the Greatest Showman.

Mr Tutt thanked everyone, all the pupils and all the staff for an amazing year and wished everyone a happy summer holiday. 

JS - 24 July 2018 13:02 - General
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