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Allotment Club

Allotment Club News - March 2010.

On Thurday 18th March, Daniel, Euan, Josh, Aidan, Alice, Sammy, Oliver and Callum planted our first crop for the St. James' Allotment Club.  They were potatoes called Vales Emerald and Rocket.  This is how we did it.  First we went up on the field to gather some twigs, then we put some in the bottom of each bag.  We then put some soil in out potato bags, placed the potatoes in the bag and then added a bit more soil.  We will enter the crop in a competition to see who can grow the best potatoes.  The competition winners will receive equipment for the allotment.  We are also going to plant some flowers to attract wildlife.


- 25 March 2010 14:08 - General
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