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Challenge Day, May 2010

Challenge Day May 27th 2010.

To celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, children were set the challenge to build a bridge, that was strong, attractive and which would span a road or river 20cm wide. The bridge needed to be strong enough to allow a toy car to travel over and under the bridge. The design of the bridge was left to the children who were given newspaper and materials provided in a tray; white card, roll of masking tape, small roll of sellotape, 12 paper cups, 4 cotton reels, 12 straws, 6 lolly sticks, 6 split pins, 6 rubber bands, 6 paper clips, 2 rulers, a protractor and 2 pairs of scissors.

Each team was able to score points for teamwork, the design and the strength, extra bonus points were awarded for clearing up and listening.

Working in teams of four, with a pupil from each year group they set to work. A wide variety of bridges were built.

Comments from the children on the day; enjoyed making new friends and working as a team, we have all enjoyed making the bridge and putting different materials together for the final result, how to mix ideas together to come up with one final solution. The children unanimously agreed they would like another Challenge Day in the future.

The winning bridge from each classroom went through to the hall to be shown to the rest of the school. Winning Teams were; The Strawberries, Harry, Olivia, Jessica and Clement.
The Best Bridge; Joe W, Nathan, Luca and Ben
The Wonderful Winners; Joe T, Scarlett, Imogen and Nathan.
Suspension Team; Harrison, Mollie and Sophia.
Team Disco; Max, Ollie, Isabel and Kaavya.
The Bridgemakers; Vicky, James, Gary and William.
The Bridgebuilders 1; Hannah, Matthew, Lauren and George.
The Bridgebuilders 2; Francesca, Nathan, Sasha and Maddy.
The Energetic Elephants; Ben V, Martha, Emily and Alfie.

More photo’s to follow soon.

- 27 May 2010 15:58 - General
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