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Fundraising for Haiti - Ralph & Gary

Fundraising for Haiti - Gary and Ralph.

Ralph and Gary have continued to raise money for victims of the Haiti earthquake.  They have completed a sponsored walk, sat in a bath of gunge and have also been interviewed on Radio Kent.  So far they have raised over £500.

- 11 February 2010 14:23 - GeneralFundraising for Haiti Earthquake Appeal

Fundraising for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal

The earthquake that has so disastrously struck Haiti bought an immediate response from the children of St. James’ Junior School. The children organised and ran a magnificent cake sale and many smaller sponsored events. A total of £1050.37 has been raised, due to the generosity of parents, children and staff.

The money is being combined with similar collections from other Tunbridge Wells Primary Schools to enable us to purchase and distribute Shelter boxes. A Shelter box was bought into school by Mr and Mrs Cornish on behalf of the Rotary Club. The children were shown the contents, designed to provide immediate relief for an extended family, a tent, cooking equipment, water purifiers etc. Each box costs £450, and distribution to Haiti is being organised by Rotary International.

Paul Chandler

JS - 28 January 2010 14:33 - GeneralRed Nose Day - St James Got Talent

In the afternoon children all gathered in the hall for St. James’ Got Talent.

Sasha, Ellie, Megan and Phoebe, all from 6 Alpha organised the event, were the judges and presenters, (wearing red noses – of course!)

Auditions have been taking over the last ten days during break times to decide the finalists.

First to perform were Connie, Florrie & Jessica from yr 3, they performed a dance. They were followed by Lottie and Imogen also from yr 3 performing a line dance routine. Abby, Martin and Ellea performed a dance. Also from yr 3 were Emily and Olivia with a dance routine supporting Annabel singing "The Best Of Both Worlds". Next was Guy from yr 3 on the violin.

Charlotte, Madeline, Izzy and Lottie were the first to perform from yr 4, performing to Alisha Dixon’s The Boy Does Nothing. Eleanor and Connie were next to perform with some hilarious jokes. Following them was Amir from 4 Alpha with his amazing talent for skipping.

Katy & Olivia performed a dance routine, to rap music. Lastly from yr 4 was Celly who played the piano.

Moving on to yr 5.
First to perform were Autumn and Lucy, dancing to Genie in a Bottle. The Human Limbskip performed by Jessica, Bethany, Jazzy and Isobel from 5 Alpha, followed. Josh then played guitar.

Finally year 6 took the stage, first to perform were Mary on piano playing Pink Panther, with Phoebe and Talia acting. Next up The Black Roses; Francesca, Jodie, Emily, Olivia, Zoë, Natasha and Alice dressed in black, with ‘big hair’, performing to Rihanna’s, Disturbia . Matilda from 6 Alpha sang the chorus of A Moment Like This. This was followed by The Shopping Song, a hilarious song by Haytham and Toby.
Finally the last act to perform; Pickled Egg a band of boys from 6 Alpha. Tristan, Tom, Louis, Carl, Rhys and Kevin. Playing electric guitars, keyboards and drums. It is safe to say they made the most noise!!

Phoebe was left to calm the audience while the judges made their final decision, and thanked Louis for his computer wizardry.

Mr Chandler thanked the four girls who had taken the idea to him back in September and worked hard to make the afternoon such a success. They were presented with flowers and a photo of the judges from Britain’s Got Talent which was signed personally by Piers Morgan.

In fourth place were Pickled Egg, in third place were Lottie and Imogen, who received Comic Relief whoopee cushions. In second place were Eleanor and Connie and the winners were the Black Roses. Who were thrilled. They received certificates of St. James’ Got Talent which were also signed by Piers Morgan. The originality award went to Toby and Haytham for the Shopping Trolley Song – well deserved, they too got signed certificates. Thank you very much to Piers for adding a special end to an exciting day. The girls in the tradition of the show performed the winning act again.

At the last count to amount raised so far was just under £500. Money from sponsored events still has to be counted. Buckets were rattling around as parents collected their children from school.

- 13 March 2009 00:34 - GeneralCrazy hats

Year 6 wore crazy hats and odd footwear today to raise money for charity, even the staff joined in!!

- 17 July 2008 18:16 - GeneralSponsored Walk

Year 3 & 4 set off around the perimeter of the field at 1pm, some children set off running while others walked. Some parents walked with the children too. After an hour the children stopped for a well earned rest.

The highest number of laps for the boys was 29, with the girls managing 26.

Next it was the turn of years 5 & 6. Some of the boys managed to run most of the time and so achieved an amazing 32/33 laps, breaking the previous record set 2yrs ago. Some of the girls managed up to 28 laps, again by running most of the time.

Well done to all the children who took part to raise money for Hospice in the Weald and to furnish the new Science Room.

- 17 July 2008 00:08 - General
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