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A Creepy Crawly Christmas

A Creepy Crawly Christmas

Year 4 were involved in putting together a production of 'A Creepy Crawly Christmas'

A very special star has fallen from the sky. Wilfred - a caterpillar, determined to prove he's not as hopeless as everyone thinks he is, tries to put it back.
Will he do it? Only with the help of his creepy crawly friends and LOTS of perseverance. Along the way Wilfred learns about the importance of the star in pointing to Jesus, the 'King of Creation'.

Year 4 worked hard and had lots of fun singing and acting to put this production together.

We hope it is enjoyed by all who came to see it!

The Year 4 Team

- 7 December 2010 10:35 - GeneralJesus

Jesus' Christmas Party - performed by Year 3.  December 2009


Year 3 performed their own version of Jesus' Christmas Party as their joint assembly. 

The children worked very hard practising dance routines, singing and all managed to learn their lines.


The rest of the school had big smiles on their faces and thoroughly enjoyed the performance, especially the part of the grumpy inn-keeper!!


The Year 3 Team

- 11 December 2009 11:53 - GeneralA Christmas Carol by Year 4

A Christmas Carol

On the 9th, 10th and 11th of December in 2009 Year 4 performed a Christmas production of ‘A Christmas Carol. It was the musical story of Ebenezer Scrooge a man who hates Christmas. He lives a really selfish life until he is visited by 3 ghosts who help him to change his ways by showing him scenes from his life in the past, present and what it will be like in the future. They showed him where he went wrong and how he could have a happy future. It’s a good story for making you think about your life.

There were four different Scrooges played by Archie and William from 4A and Megan and Connie from 4 Alpha. There were some very scary spirits too! Seven children played the spirits too. We enjoyed the songs, especially “Charity” which is about the charity collectors asking Scrooge for some money. Year 4 Alpha performed a great dance and Year 4A danced to ‘Let`s have a party’ which was a song from the scene ‘Fezziwig`s Warehouse’

Everyone in Year 4 really enjoyed the play and had an important part to play. Thank you to all the children and teaching staff who helped make it a success and for our families and friends who came to watch. We hope you enjoy seeing the photos!

The Year 4 Team.

- 11 December 2009 11:31 - GeneralThe Best Gift

The performances took place on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th December.

The play was started in a toy shop and owned by Mr Wilson. 3A started the performance and were soldiers, rag-dolls, spinning tops and jack in a box’s with some acting and the song Tick-Tock with dancing.

Then 3alpha were paint boxes and danced to a song called The Ribbon Dance, they also did some acting. Soon 4alpha did a dance to the song Thriller and were monsters and then went to sing a song, There Are Monsters About! Then there was some more acting. Next 4A did a dance called We Are Robots and followed it with a song We’re Electronic Games! 4A then did some more acting. 3 alpha then acted the Christmas Story, and lastly 3A did more acting in the toy shop and finally everyone sang Away In A Manger.

Report by Mollie and Jessica W, year 4

- 12 December 2008 01:14 - General
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