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Downingbury Farm 4 Alpha

My School Trip 14th October 2009.

We went to Downingbury Farm. I saw a peach there, purple and squidgy. It took ages to get there. We picked raspberries and got to eat them. The farmer was called Peter, he was a great guide. On the way there we stopped at a dairy farm and stroked calves, they were so cute. At the end of the trip Peter gave us all an apple to eat. Mrs Simkins came to the rescue, so that children that were slow on the way there got to ride back in the minibus. At lunch time Mrs Waller gave us ice lollies, the ice cream was gooey and runny. Mr lolly broke and I looked all messy like my cousin Catherine, she’s only two, (I think!).

Thank you to everyone who helped us.

Report by Lottie 4 Alpha.

On Wednesday the 14th October 4 Alpha went to Downingbury Farm, how we got there is another story! It took 4 miles; we started off on the pavement, before long we got our feet wet by walking through the grass at Dunorlan Park. Finally we reached the top, but next we had to walk in single file along the edge of the road, fortunately it wasn’t that busy, but UNFORTUNATELY it took forever. Soon we got to go through the woods and that was very fun. Eventually, we stopped off a different farm, it was a dairy farm, it had calves, I fed and stroked one and it sniffed and licked me. Unfortunately we had to leave. But soon we got the Downingbury Farm, we got to pick raspberries, they were delicious. I found a baby apple. After an hour and a half we had to leave, so we set off.

Report by Florrie, 4 Alpha.

- 23 October 2009 15:28 - General
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