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Year 4 Visit Drusillas

Our Trip to Drusillas

Year 4 visited Drusillas as part of their African Topic; Report by Tess.

We went onto the coach at about 9:30am and everyone was buzzing with excitement. After that everyone started to sing songs. Eventually we got to the zoo and everyone was shouting ‘Drusillas!’ The first thing that my group saw was mice living in a painted house. Each group were given three things: a stamp book, a Zoolympics book and an information sheet. The second animal that I saw was a python and it was really big! Next to his case I saw a chameleon which was bigger than I thought. After, we went into a room and learnt about the Maasai tribe who live in Africa. The best bit was when I got to dress up infront of the class. Also, we got to feel animal skins. After our snack we had a look at the Fennec Foxes and they were so cute! Then we had lunch with all the other groups and afterwards we got to go in the maze and on the adventure playground.

JS - 7 November 2013 14:00 - General
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