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Greek Day

Year 3 had a visit from ‘Hector’ and ‘Sylvia’ on Wednesday 2nd July

We found out that all Greek Gods had beards!

We bowed down in front of the gods on Mount Olympus.

We learned that men did all the work, made all the decisions and did all the partying! One of the children tried out one of the games on Mrs Holdstock! Mrs Holdstock married ‘Hector’ and her job was to look after him. She also became his property – wife means property.

Teachers could beat children if they didn’t write their name properly on the wax tablet.

Poor doctors worked out what was wrong with a patient by sampling ear wax, vomit, urine and worse! Yuk!

We had our own version of the Olympics, including ‘Chariot’ racing and javelin throwing.

The day ended with us performing a traditional Greek play. Eros shot his arrow to the centre of the earth. Well done to our narrators who were complimented by Hector and Sylvia as the best Year 3 readers they have heard in schools this year! The orchestra provided a somewhat ‘avante garde’ musical accompaniment.

We had lots of laughs but learnt lots of new facts in the process.

- 3 July 2008 00:58 - General
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