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Trinity Theatre Puppeteers

Trinity Theatre Puppeteers Perform Hansel & Gretel.

On Tuesday the 26th November, puppeteers came from the Trinity Theatre to perform the tale of Hansel & Gretel at St. James Junior School. After lunch the two puppets and puppeteers came and introduced themselves. Hansel was good at chess and mathematics and Gretel was good at Karate. Trinity changed the story a bit by adding Waitrose in Ashdown Forest and they added a crow as a narrator. Once the puppet show was over the actors came out and answered questions. One of the puppeteers asked if anyone wanted to be an actor, there were quite a few people who raised their hand. The puppeteer said you have to work really hard to be an actor and have to keep on trying. My favorite part in the show was when the crow was in Waitrose. I thought the play was really good and it was very funny.

Report by Eden, year 5.

JS - 28 November 2013 14:23 - General
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