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Pirates of the Curry Bean

The Pirates of the Curry Bean – Year 6 Panto 2019

The children have been amazing this week - performing their Year 6 Panto: The Pirates of the Curry Bean!
With wonderful singing, entertaining lines, delightful dancing and amazing acting, the Year 6's have wowed their audiences for five performances across the week. We've laughed, cried and shouted Argh! in our best pirate voices. 
The Year 6 staff would like to say a huge well done to everyone involved - whether they've contributed as actors, dancers, ensemble, back-stage, lighting or sound. You've all worked incredibly hard and we are proud of each and every one of you! 
We would like to thank all parents for their wonderful support and contributions towards the play; all the costumes provided have brought our play to life!  We have really appreciated it and hope this show, shows off how wonderful, enthusiastic and energetic our classes are. 
The Year 6 Team
JS - 18 July 2019 14:15 - GeneralPorridge - Year 6 Panto

 Porridge! The Year 6 pantomime was a whirlwind of nursery rhyme characters involved a twisted tale of crime and deception and, of course, rib-tickling puns, roof-raising songs and dazzling dances. The story is narrated by Jack Spratt, Private Detective, as he follows the lives of the folks of Happy Valley (not so happy anymore). As a crime wave sweeps over the land, the nutty Policemen, led by Chief Inspector Drain, comically struggle to keep up…

All eyes are on Papa Bear and his family as they open The Porridge Pot Diner for another season. If you want some yummy in your tummy, then there’s only one place to go! The staff are over-joyed as Dwayne Pipe from Nursery News interviews them live on television - the Bears seem like one big, happy family. But, the scowl on Junior Bear’s face, tells us otherwise… 
Forgetful Old Mother Hubbard has lost her precious recipe book and just can’t keep track of Marigold the cow. Is it possible she is more than just forgetful?
Humpty Dumpty, fell off the wall, again… or did he!?
Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them! The police suspect sleep rustlers, but is there more to that story than meets the eye? 
…Junior Bear suspects that his dad and his crew of Billy Goats, and lumbering Lumberjacks are behind it. After he walks in on a secret meeting in the woods (where bears always do their business) He confides in Goldie and together they hatch a plot to find the culprit! 
The Porridge Pot diner becomes a hive of activity and confusion as suitcases containing: nuts (just in case) cash, secret plans, a recipe book and some rather large briefs, switch hands!
Jack Spratt, of course, has the answer, the police finally get the poetic justice they were looking for and Happy Valley is Happy once again, after all it is a Happily Ever After kind of place. 
‘Porridge’ was directed by Miss Baker, with Mr Smith playing piano to accompany all the songs and during scene changes.  Props and scenery were created by Mrs Simkins and Mrs Crane with the help of Mrs Vernon and some of the year 6 pupils.  Many thanks to Kenny Hickey for the fabulous photos.  
Js - 17 July 2015 18:26 - GeneralWhat A Knight - Panto

What A Knight - Year 6 Panto 2014

On Thursday 17th July 2014 Year 6 performed their pantomime, What a Knight! We did three performances all together. It was really good fun and everyone enjoyed it. There were plenty of jokes to laugh at and baddies to boo at. It was jam packed with entertainment; with nine scenes and six songs. A total of 46 characters and 20 backstage crew members including sound, lighting, OHP, scene changers, props and dancers made up the cast. The story focused on the characters Watt Cobblers played by Poppy, Merlin the Magician played by Aidan, the Black Knight played by Max, Princess Alice played by Sasha and finally Dusty the Dragon played by Shreya, but it really was a team effort. The play wouldn’t have come together if us, the children, hadn’t cooperated and worked together. Many thanks too to Mr Smith who played the piano and directed the play with Miss Baker. Also Mrs Crane, Miss Gibson, Mrs Woolgar, Mrs Dowdy & Shaun who all helped with props, scenery and back stage; finally a big thank you to all the parents who came along on a very hot day (and evening) to watch the pantomime. Report by Lucy & Ollie

JS - 18 July 2014 13:30 - GeneralPirates of the Curry Bean

Pirates of the Curry Bean - Year 6 Panto 2013. 

This summer’s Year 6 production was a swashbuckling adventure starting in Old London Docks and ending on the tropical island of Lumbago in the Sea of Sciatica.  We are guided through a plethora of puns by the mischievous pirate Deadeye who has a taste for stirring things up.  He introduces us to the local landlady Pearl Periwinkle and her children who find a treasure map.  They encounter Captain Redbeard (don’t call it pink) and the smelly pirates of The Curry Bean - the ship which always has the wind behind it!   After insults from the cheeky parrot Squawk, the safe is blown and the map and Pearl (’Grab the bag!’) are taken.  Jack, Liza and their rat-catching cat Fiddlesticks persuade Captain Cod of HMS Crunchy Frog to help them in the pursuit.   We meet the hilarious Scuttle and Slack, the delightful Admiral Hornhonker, the chaotic crew, the short-sighted lookout, Lofty, and the ship’s barber-surgeon Cutthroat Clegg.  Thanks to some meddling by Deadeye, the two ships meet and a battle ensues.  A storm washes everyone ashore on Lumbago and they meet monkeys, natives and their chief Wonga.  After a fishy blow to the head (administered by Pearl) Wonga’s memory returns and the Periwinkle family is reunited; Stanley Periwinkle (Wonga) is none other than the infamous pirate Swaggersword.  Scuttle and Slack arrive with the treasure chest and it only remains to punish Redbeard with a close shave.


‘The Pirates of the Curry Bean’ was greatly enhanced by the fantastic piano-playing of Mr Smith, the new coloured lights, and the terrific props assembled by Mrs Gilman, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Simkins and the brilliant direction by Mrs Holwell.


Congratulations Year 6!  You performed wonderfully – with ‘piratical style’!


JS - 19 July 2013 11:52 - GeneralAli Baba - Year 6 Panto

Ali Baba.  Year 6 Summer Panto 2011

After an exciting (and exhausting) week in the Isle of Wight, the Year 6's have worked really hard to perfect their performance of this year’s production entitled ‘Ali Baba’. The amazing scenery and props (thank you Mrs Simkins and Mr. Littlechild!) helped transport the audience to the backstreets of Baghdad and the desert.

The play is an updated version of the original fairy tale, complete with thieves and a treasure trove which opens to the command of ‘Open Sesame!’ This musical extravaganza includes our hero Ali Baba, his quiet and unassuming wife (Oh no she’s not!), their son Hamid, (the Tarzan of Baghdad!) rich brother-in-law Cassim, and the dastardly villain, ‘Mustafa Shower’. These characters are aided and abetted by a friendly comic duo – Slap and Tickle, and their dancing camel Flash. The citizens of Baghdad enjoy every opportunity to boogie while the menacing thieves glare at the audience, pick pocketing as they go! The story features a talking snake, too many gold bars to count, plentiful pizzas, secret ingredients and painful punishment (and that’s just the jokes!) It is all interspersed with wonderful music – great songs and energetic piano playing from our very own musical maestro – Mr. Smith.

The Year 6’s have really excelled themselves – a terrific production – well done everyone!  The panto was brilllinatly directed by Mrs Holwell

JS - 20 July 2011 11:49 - GeneralYear 6 Panto

Hoodwinked - Year 6 Panto

After their exciting week in the Isle of Wight, the Year 6's have been working hard to learn their lines and make scenery and props for this year’s production entitled ‘Hoodwinked’.

The play is based on the story of Robin Hood complete with a love-struck Maid Marian and villainous Sheriff of Nottingham.  This swashbuckling adventure includes a band of marching Merry Men, singing Ladies-in-Waiting, greedy Friars, disgruntled villagers (the peasants are revolting) and a host of other delightful characters.  The tale features wicked taxes, cunning plans, an archery tournament, heroic deeds and outrageous lines! It is all interspersed with wonderful music and dance, not forgetting the comic talents of the two Narrators.

A fantastic showpiece to display the talents of this outstanding year group!

Pictures taken at dress rehersal to the staff and school.

Performances to parents on Tuesday 20th July at 2pm and 7pm

- 18 July 2010 14:46 - GeneralYear 6 Summer Panto

The year 6 pantomime was all about the king whose wife died so he held a ball to choose a new wife.

In the end he chose a lady called Ms. MacHose. She had a magic mirror that could talk.

She kept asking the mirror ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ The mirror answered every time, ‘You are the fairest of them all’ until one time the mirror said that she was not the fairest, Snow White was.

So she got a huntsman to kill Snow White. Snow White escaped through the woods. She met seven ex-jockeys and they all bet on a horse whose name was Lucky Steed but unfortunately their horse lost so they lost all their money.

Snow White stole the mirror from the palace and asked it who will win the Ascot Gold Cup and it was Mistletoe. They bet on this horse and they became millionaires!!

The End!!

- 17 July 2008 01:07 - General
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