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Ring Pulls for Manila

Collect Ring Pulls for tondo Dumpsite in Manila Philippines.

Tondo Dumpsite area in Manila in the Philippines is home to over 40,000 scavengers. They make their living and homes out of the rubbish they find. Children have to scavenge to make money to buy food.

Philippine Christian Foundation provide food, education, healthcare and love to some 600 children. They train the children's Mums to make beautiful bags out of ring pulls. They get paid £5. a day for making the bags, this feeds a family of 8.

All the profits from the bags fund more of PCF's work on the dumpsite and in the school including; a major project to build new homes for 3,000 dumpsite families.

It costs £180. to build a new home for a family of 8.

7,200 ring pulls = 2kg. 2kg makes approx 12 bags which earns a profit of around £180 which is enough to build 1 family home.

Please collect ring pulls from tins of soup, soft drinks, beer cans etc. Ring pulls can be placed in the container in the entrance hall on the Lost Property Cupboard.

If each child at St. James' manages to collect 7 ring pulls a week, that would be enough at the end of the month to build a new family home. It would be great if the school could provide a home a month.

- 6 May 2010 15:07 - General
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