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Sports Morning - Field Events

 Sports Morning – Field Events 

On Wednesday 12th July, the whole school went out to take part in sports events on the field & playground.  Pupils worked in house teams of eight, two from each year group.  There were twelve activities to complete: Curling, netball, the obstacle course, hockey skills, over and under, shot putt, 5 strides, the penalty shootout, bean bag target, javelin, golf and speed bounce.  Staff noted the scores and also awarded additional points for sportsmanship.  All children enjoyed each individual event, (6 minutes per activity) and supported each other enthusiastically, despite the rain which didn’t manage to dampen their spirits.
JS - 12 July 2017 13:13 - GeneralSports Day 2011

Monday 13th June began gloomy and damp, not the sort of weather you would want for sports day!  But not to be put off everyone headed outside to the field and playgrounds for the mornings field events.  Events included, golf, shot putt, javelin, hockey, standing long jump, under & over, netball goals and the bean bag challenge.  Each 'house' team was made up of a child from each class, so there were 8 in each team.  The older children helping and encouraging the younger children.  Staff monitored the events set out around the school. Points were awarded for sportsmanship and team achievement.   After lunch, amazingly, the sun came out and parents arrived to witness a fabulous afternoon of track events, culminating in Livingstone winning, the trophy for track events, field events and also the sportsmanship trophy.  This was quite an achievement, especially as they have not won any trophy for the last 16 years!!!   Well done Livingstone. Thanks to Mrs Waller who organised everyone and our volunteer parents, who helped in the morning and finally Msporti for their help on the day.

- 16 June 2011 15:14 - GeneralGymnastics Competition

Gymnastics Report 17th May 2011.

On Tuesday 17th May, the Gymnastics Teams went to Cranbrook to take part in a competition. It was great fun and very exciting. The year 3/4 team of Bethan, Ben, Freja & Maddy came first and received a trophy. The year 5/6 team of Chantelle, Charlotte, Harley & Annie also won first place and received a trophy. The second year 5/6 team, Abi, Isobel, Florrie & Pip finished third. The teams all did really well.

The winning teams now go through to the Kent Finals in Sittingbourne next month.

Abi and Bethan both won individual medals for the highest scores in the floor and vault.

Thank you Mrs Crane for coaching us and to Mrs Simkins for driving & supporting us.

Report by Abi and Maddy

- 19 May 2011 15:43 - GeneralCross Country at Pembury

Cross Country at Pembury on 7th February 2011.

Year 4 Race Report

On Monday7th February, 13 children from yr 4 went to Pembury School to take part in a Cross Country Meet. Overall the St. James' Girls Team came in second and the Boys Team finished third. Abi came in 4th place, with Georgie in 6th place and Freya in 10th. We all had lots of fun and enjoyed it. We raced against lots of schools.

Thank you Mrs Waller and Mrs McGlew for taking us.

Mrs Waller reported the children did really well on a very tough course and finished 2nd overall.
Report by Cece and Freya



Year 5/6 Race Report

On 7th February the Cross Country Team went to Pembury to race against several other schools, including, Claremont, St. Augustines, Pembury. The girls yr 5/6 race was first. It was a long course with a steep hill and we had to do three laps of the track. Issy came in 7th, Katy finished 22nd and Amy & Megan 25th & 26th. It was then the boys turn on the same track. Paul came 6th, Josh 28th. Sadly James had to drop out with a sore ankle. We all tried really hard, it was very funny when Josh & Sam fell over!

Thank you Mrs Waller for arranging it and thank you Mrs McGlew for supporting us.
Report by Sam, Josh and Paul.

- 13 February 2011 12:34 - GeneralTunbridge Wells Junior Sports Achievement Awards 2009/2010.

Tunbridge Wells Junior Sports Achievement Awards 2009/2010.
Sponsored by Grays International.

The School won the Primary School Team Award, for 100% attendance at the School Sports Partnerships competition, winning half of the competitions. These included hockey, sportshall athletics, tri golf, football, orienteering, gymnastics and the Kent Schools Games Key Steps Gold Medal.  The school congratulated Mrs Waller for organising all the teams.

Report on the evening:

On Wednesday 17th November, 11 children from our school went to the Royal Victoria Hall for an Award Ceremony. Once we were in the hall there were several awards before ours, but when it got to ours we won three shields; a very large one, a medium sized one and then we all got a small one each. We were really lucky to win and thank you to everyone who helped, supported and took us to all the events.
Children who attended the ceremony; Ben, Lewis, Nathan, Charlotte, Abi, Katie, Hope, Annie, Joel, Pip, Zak and Chloe, all had taken part in some of the events.

- 18 November 2010 14:14 - GeneralGymnastics Winners

Gymnastics - Kent Finals.

On May 20th 2010, 12 children from St. James’ went to the regional gymnastics competition at Cranbrook. After a very exciting morning with some complex routines, came the results. Our year 3/4 and year 5/6 team both came first. This meant we would be going to the finals which would be held at Moat Park in Maidstone.

The finals took place on June 24th.

In our year 3/4 team were Abi, Annie, Hope and Pip. The year 5/6 team was Chloe, Mia, Emily and Aidan. We had a fantastic day with lots of stiff competition from many other schools, all of whom had won their areas in Kent.
Finally it was presentation time. Our year 3/4 team came 5th overall. While our year 5/6 team were awarded gold.

Congratulations to Mia, who won an individual bronze medal and Chloe who won an individual gold medal.

All our gymnasts were amazing and a credit to the school, and very deserving winners after all their hard work and dedication.

Thank you Mrs Crane for training them.

- 17 July 2010 17:26 - GeneralSports Day

Sports Day 12th July 2010.

On a dull and overcast morning, all the children went onto the field in teams of 8. One child from each class in their houses; Wellington in red, Livingstone green, Nelson blue and Scott in yellow. There were eight events; golf, cricket bowling, target bean bag, standing soccer throw, standing jump, hop, step & jump, hockey and football – sponsored penalty kick.
Points were awarded for each event and the teams rotated round the field, with four events before break and four after break. Teams were able to gain extra points for good sportsmanship.

After lunch, the sun came out and parents took up their seats at the side of the track for the track events. The first race was the bean bag and tin, followed by the sack races and then the sprints, and the bat and ball race. It was then the turn of the toddlers, the Mums and the Dads to race. These were followed by the skipping races and lastly the relays.

Wellington won the Sportsmanship Cup.
Livingstone won the Field Events Cup.
Wellington won the Track Events Cup.

Everyone had a great day and thank you Mrs Waller for organising and running the day.


- 12 July 2010 19:54 - GeneralCricket v St. Johns


On Tuesday 22nd June the St. James' Cricket Team went to St. Johns to play their cricket team. First St. Johns' batted and there was good bowling by Joel, Amir, Torin, Elliot, Gabriel and Matthew. We started to get on a roll and to get the St. Johns players out. Next we were batting. Joel and Amir got 13 runs, then it was Gabriel and Elliot, they were great and scored 12 runs, which meant we were in the lead. Next it was Mollie and Jessica, they scored 5 runs but were then out. However it did not make any difference to the score. Next it was Matthew and Torin who scored 9 runs. We all tried our hardest and won 239 to 219.

Thank you Mrs Ingman for organising it and to Mrs Waller for driving us there.

Report by Gabriel.

2nd Match - report by Ben K.

On Tuesday 22nd June St. James' Cricket Team went to St. Johns to play a match. We were batting first, we got some great hits and scored 203. St. Johns also got some great hits, but with only one catch out the final score was St. James 203 and St. Johns 222. Even though we lost we had a great time.

Thank you Mrs Waller for driving us there and to Mrs Ingman for supporting us.

- 24 June 2010 13:47 - GeneralKwik Cricket

Kwik Cricket

On 16th June St. James A & B Teams went to play Kwik Cricket at St. Marks Recreation Ground. We won three out of five matches with only small mistakes letting us lose. Our two best matches were against Sherwood Park, which we won by 68 runs. We also had a good match against Speldhurst which we won. We also played against St. Matthews, Matfield & Brenchly and St. Peters. Overall we came 9th and we all had a really enjoyable time.

Thank you Mrs Ingman and Mrs Waller for organising it, driving and supporting us.

Children were congratulated on their great attitude and for being very supportive to each other. Harry was named as Player of the Team.

- 18 June 2010 17:09 - GeneralCross Country at St. Johns

Cross Country

On Tuesday 15th June, St. James' Cross Country team went to St. Johns' to do a long distance race.

We had to run around their field twice, which is twice the size of our field, it also had a hill sprint to the finish line. The first race was year 4 boys, which St. Johns won. Then it was year 4 girls, Connie just missed out on first place. Next was year 5 boys and Amir sprinted up to the finish first. Then it was the year 5 girls, which was won by St. Johns. Then the year 6 boys raced, Kyle led all the way but was overtaken on the sprint finish by St. Johns. Next it was the year 6 girls, and Alice won the race for us.
We all tried our best but lost overall and St. Johns had a better team.
Thank you Mrs Waller and Mrs McGlew for driving us there and supporting us.

Year 4 Team; Edward, Miian, Zach, Ben, Archie, Harry, Pip, Phoebe, Connnie, Kate and Abbie.
Year 5 Team; Torin, Paul, Joel, Amir, Charlotte, Grace, Issy, Mai, Chantelle and Megan.
Year 6 Team; Dean, Joe B, Aidan, Jonny, Kyle, Francesca, Jessica M, Sophie R and Alice.

Report by Charlotte and Grace.

- 18 June 2010 16:40 - GeneralAthletics Festival Cranbrook, May 2010

Athletics Festival at Angley Sports Hall, Cranbrook.  May 2010.

On 20th May, 12 children from all years went to Cranbrook to compete in a Gymnastics Festival. We had three teams. We went through many difficult events, including trampolining and the beam, which were not part of the competition. The competition was an individual floor routine, a group floor routine and the vault.
At the end of the morning there was a trampoline display by two teenage boys who were doing some very scarey, but brilliant moves.

After the display it was time for the presentations. The year 3 & 4 team came first in their league. Our year 5 & 6 team was third and our Year 6 team came first. We all really enjoyed taking part and came home with big smiley faces. At the end of June the winning teams go through to the Kent Finals.

Year 3/4 Team; Abi, Pip, Hope and Annie.

Year 5/6 Team; Vicky, Aidan, Chloe and Charlotte.  Year 6 Team; Mia, Emily, Alice and Mungo.

Thank you Mrs Crane, our Team Leader and excellent coach and to Mrs Simkins, for driving us there in the minibus.

- 2 June 2010 15:26 - GeneralTag Rugby Festival May 2010

Tag Rugby 5th May 2010.

‘A’ Team Report

On Wednesday 5th May, the Tag Rugby Team played in a tournament at St. Marks Sports Ground. Our first match was against Wadhurst. In the first half we went 3-1 up with two tries from Oscar and one from Spencer. In the second half we scored again to make the final score 4-3 to us.
The next game was against Broadwater, we went down 0-1, but came back to win 6-3, with great running and off loading.
The third match was against Claremont. Both teams played fantastically, but we couldn’t defend them and we lost 3-6.
Our last match was against St. Johns’. We had to win to get through. They were a great side but we lost 4-5. Spencer & Oscar scored 6 tries each, Josh M, 4 tries, Max, 3 tries and Maddy scored 1.
Thank you Mrs Waller for driving us there and Mrs Ingman and Mr Booth for coaching and supporting us.

A Team; Spencer, Oscar, Max, Josh M, Joanna, Madelaine, Charlotte and Grace.

Report by Spencer & Josh

‘B’ Team Report

On Wednesday 5th May, St. James’ ‘B’ team went to play in a Tag Rugby Festival.

Our first game was against St. Johns’, although Ben and Francesca scored brilliant tries, we lost 2-8.
Our second game was against St. Matthews’. Jonny scored from a great off load and Francesca scored from a long play, but the final score was 2-3.
The third game was against St. Marks. We had good tries from Alex and Mia to leave the final score 3-3.
The last game was against Claremont B. Elliot and Jonny both scored twice, but the final score was 4-5.

Thank you, Mrs Ingman and Mr Booth for supporting us and Mrs Waller for driving us.

B Team; Ben K, Dean, Jonny, Elliot, Alex, Autumn, Mia, Emily and Francesca J.

Report by Ben.

- 7 May 2010 09:42 - GeneralKent Athletics Finals

Kent Primary Athletics Finals in Maidstone.

On Friday 26th March, 18 children from years 5 & 6 went to Maidstone to take part in the Primary County Athletics Finals. The competition was tough, but lots of fun. All the team members took part in two track and two field events. There were some outstanding performances. We came 5th out of the 15 teams which took part from all over Kent.

Thank you to Mrs Waller, Mr Chandler and Mrs Simkins for driving and supporting us and Mrs Woolgar for supporting us.

Team; Joe T, Joe B, Spencer, Mungo, Miller, Oscar, Isabel, Sophie R, Sophie H, Alice, Emily and Jessica M, all year 6. Amir, Luca, Lewis, Issy, Charlotte and Maddy, all year 5.

Report by Emily.

- 2 April 2010 14:53 - GeneralHockey Festival

Hockey Festival - 17th March 2010.

On The 17th of March St. James’ A team went to the Hawkesbury AstroTurf to take part in a hockey tournament. We had never played before together.

Our first game was against St. Johns’ ‘B’, we dominated the game and with a disallowed goal the final score was 0-0.

The next game was against St. Marks’, again we dominated the game and with lots of chances we won 3-0. Our third game was against Speldhurst ‘B’, for the second game in a row we won 3-0. We then had an important game against St. James’ ‘B’ team. It was a close game going from end to end, but the final score was 1-0 to the ‘A’ team.

Next we had Speldhurst ‘A’; we crushed them 3-0 with all the possession to us. Then we played St. Johns’ ‘A’ and again we had a disallowed goal so the final score was 0-0.

In the end we won the whole tournament of years 5 and 6 by 2 clear points, with a massive trophy in our hands!!!

Goalkeeper; Josh
Defence; Alice, Max and Joe B.
Mid; Bethany and Isobel.
Strike; Joe T.

Our top scorers were Isobel and Joe. T with 4 goals each. Max with 1 goal and a disallowed goal. Bethany got 1 goal too.

The year 5 team; Maddy, Charlotte, Grant, Elliott, Amir, Amy, Marc and Lewis.

Mrs Waller reported; The team played really well and Elliott was ‘fearless’ in goal, preventing lots of goals.

Katie and Abbie's Report on the Year 3/4 matches.

On Wednesday 17th March some children from year 3 and 4 went to a hockey festival in Hawkenbury. Before the games began we were practising when Katie fell over and cut her elbow.

Our first match was against St. Marks’. We all played well, but unfortunately St. Marks’ won 1-0. Our second game was against St. James’ ‘B’ team. The ‘B’ team had good players but they still lost to us 1-0.
Our last game was against St. Barnabus, they put up a good game but we won 1-0.
Archie was the Man of the Match.

Team; Nathan, India, Jamie, Becky, Thomas, Freya, all from year 3. From year 4, Abbie, Archie, Katie, Oscar, Connie and Ethan.

Thank you Mrs Waller and all the Mum’s and Dad’s for supporting us.

Report by Abbie and Katie.

- 18 March 2010 14:41 - GeneralDance Festival at Skinners Kent Academy, February 2010

Dance Festival at Skinners Kent Academy, 10th February 2010.

On Wednesday 10th February, year 4 went to a Dance Festival at Skinners Kent Academy, Sasha, Sam, Anna, Isobel, Jessica, Georgia, Lottie, Zoe and Gemma all took part.

We were split into two teams of six, unfortunately we were not all together, some teams had one or two instructors and after five minutes some dance teachers came over and picked teams and gave us an animal to pretend to be in the final. Someone came in and said we were going to perform to the Mum’s and Dad’s, which we all enjoyed. Some of us were characters from the Lion King, while the others were characters from Hairspray.

Thank you, Mrs Lewis for driving us there, in the new minibus and to Mrs Holwell for supporting us.

Report by Georgia.

- 11 February 2010 14:36 - GeneralAthletics Festival January 2010

Athletics – January 27th 2010.

On Wednesday 27th January 24 children from St. James’ juniors went to Skinners Kent Academy. We competed against three other schools, Horsmonden, St. John’s and Broadwater Down. We took part in lots of events including, speed bounce, standing long jump, soft javelin, relay and over and under relay.

We had loads of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. At the end the scores between the ‘B’ teams of Horsmonden and Broadwater Down were quite close, but not as close as between St. James’ B and St. Johns’ B. As the final results were read out, we got very excited as it was between St. Johns’ and St. James’ now. As it was announced that St. James’ A team had won, we all cheered. St. Johns’ came second and St. James’ B team came third.

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Mrs Waller, who cheered us on and supported us all the time and to Mrs Simkins for driving us there in our great new minibus.

‘A’ Team: Mungo, Joe T, Spencer, Sophie R, Sophie H, Alice R, Isobel F, Joe B all year 6 and Amir, Luca, Charlotte W and Issy all from year 5.

‘B’ Team: Jessica M, Shevelle, Victoria, Hannah J, Josh M, Joe W, Kyle, Jonny and Oscar from year 6 and Maddy, Emily and Nathan from year 5.

Report by Joe B and Issy.

JS - 28 January 2010 15:01 - GeneralRoaring Success!

Roaring Success!  - Msporti Girls Only Multi Skill Club

Msporti have just started a year 3 & 4 girls only, multi-skill club on Mondays. The first week of the club was a huge success. Over the next few weeks the girls will be covering a wide range of sports including netball, table tennis, new age curling, tennis, speed stacking and dance.

If you are interested in joining the club or would like more information on the Girls Only – Multi Skills Club during February half term, please contact Glyn Hayward on 07917 417 712 or via their web site, www.msporti.com
or glyn@msporti-online.co.uk

- 22 January 2010 15:56 - GeneralNew Age Curling

New Age Curling Festival - 20th January 2010.

On Wednesday 21st January, St. James' school took part in the curling festival at Skinners Kent Academy.  It was a competition between schools in Tunbridge Wells.  St. James' entered two teams, from years 3 & 4.

For team A we had Zoe, Kate, Dan and Annabel.  On team B we had Anais, Archie, Tom and Elliot. 

Team A came 3rd, but team B did not get a place.  Pembury School won the game and St. Marks came 2nd.

It was great fun and something we will not forget! 

A big thank you to Mrs Waller and everyone who supported us.

Report by Anais and Archie, both year 4.

- 21 January 2010 14:58 - GeneralSpeed Stacking Tournament

Speed Stacking Tournament run by Tunbridge Wells Schools Sports Partnership.


On Wednesday 9th December, St James took 6 teams to St Johns to take part in a Speed Stacking competition.

We won all 3 trophies and loads of medals for fastest individual for the stages of the cycle and fastest individual for the cycle.  We also retained the overall winners trophy which we won last year.

Max won the year 5/6 cycle, Isabel won the 3/4 cycle.

Thank you to Mrs Simkins for driving us there, Mrs Waters for coaching us and Mrs Waller & Mrs Woolgar for supporting us.

Report by Max and Amy

Year 5 & 6
Team A; Sam, Sanjana, Amy and Max
Team B; Ben V, Simon N, Joanna and Isabella.
Team C; Alex, Aidan, Yasmin and Olivia.


Year 3 & 4
Team A; Mia, Ben, Gary and Isabel
Team B; Finn, Joe, Yasmin and Becky
Team C; Max, Andrew, Georgia and Julia.

- 11 December 2009 16:35 - GeneralCross Country Festival November 2009

On Wednesday 4th November, 4 children from year 5&6 went to a Cross Country Festival at Skinners playing fields.  The race was about a mile long and very muddy and tough.  There were 134 people in the race, Kyle came 7th, Spencer came in 14th, Mungo 11th and Alice 16.  Alice was the second girl to finish. 

We ended up finishing in second place as a team.  We all did really well.

In the year 3/4 race Zach was the third place boy, congratulations to him.

Thank you to Mrs Waller for organising it and to Miss Church for supporting us and Mr Chandler for driving us there.

Runners; Spencer, Alice, Mungo and Kyle from year 6.  Katie, Archie, Pip and Zach from year 4.  Elliot J, Nathan, Dominic and Martin from year3.

- 5 November 2009 15:08 - GeneralSpeedstacking

On Friday 27th June, Yasmin, Olivia, Sam, Max and Oscar went to Canterbury High School to take part in the Kent School Games.

We were selected for Speedstacking.

Everyone there had already won a competition so it was very hard. Everyone in our team tried their hardest, but sadly didn’t win, but we all really enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you to Mrs Hemsley for organising a great day.

- 27 June 2009 00:55 - GeneralSports Day 2009

Thank you to everyone who helped at our Sports Day. Thank you too, to all the supporters – our biggest crowd ever.

In the morning the children went around in mixed age group teams, taking part in 8 different activities. There were throwing, jumping and team relay events. The final scores were remarkably close with all houses scoring over 6000 points. Scott House were the winners with 6,860 points. Congratulations to them.

The teams scored for good sportsmanship and politeness as well, which we believe is very important and the results of this were close too. The winning house was Livingstone. Congratulations.

In the afternoon we ran an amazing 88 races, plus the toddlers and parents races. Apologies for over-running, but we hope you enjoyed it. It was a very hot day and the children were really grateful for the ice-lollies from the PFA afterwards, so thank you to them. The winners in the afternoon were Wellington House. Congratulations.

Well done to all the children. There is a year to recover, before we do it again!

- 26 June 2009 00:39 - GeneralPentathalon

Pentathalon TeamOn Wednesday 24th June, some year 5 and 6 children went to Southborough School to participate in the Pentathalon.

The Pentathalon consisted of five events; Long Jump; Hop Step and Jump; Shuttle Run; Football Throw and Tennis Ball Throw.

Everyone played consistantly well in their events and with everyone's help we managed to earn a great number of points.

With all our efforts, we built up 148 points. Unfortunately, with one point in it, we came second to Southborough. All of our team played exceedingly well and displayed some fantastic sportsmanship.

Thank you to Mrs Lewis, Mrs Ingman and Mrs Woolgar for driving us there and thank you to Mrs Waller for organising and supporting us.

Report by Matilda and Toby W.

Team; Toby W, Toby R, Ollie H, Max O, Alice W, Jodie S, Olivia L, Matilda S, Mungo R, Max L, Spencer C, Joe T, Joe B, Alice R, Sophie R and Isobel F.

- 24 June 2009 01:34 - GeneralKwik Cricket

Kwik Cricket B Team Report

On Wednesday 10th June the Kwik Cricket A team went to the Borderers Cricket Club to play in a mixed tournament.

Our first match was against Claremont A. We tried really hard and won the game 233 to 215.

Our next match was against Rusthall. Thanks to Mrs Ingman coaching us, we won 210 to 209 so it was extremely close!

This meant we got into the semi-finals so we were all very excited.

Unfortunately we lost against Bidborough 182 to 247. So our next match would determine if we were 3rd or 4th.

Lastly we played against Southborough, they had one amazingly strong player who won them most of the runs, so we lost the game 189 to 272.

Thank you to Mrs Lewis for driving us there and to Mrs Ingman and Mrs Waller for supporting us and organising it.

Team; Olivia L, Sasha RW, Toby W, Fraser C, Nadine K, Thomas P, Tristan J and Daniel J.

Kwik Cricket B Team Report 

On 10th June, Mrs Ingman and Mrs Waller took children to Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club to play against 5 other Kwik Cricket Teams.

First of all we played against St. Marks we off well, but unfortunately they just beat us by 21 runs. Next we played against Paddock Wood, they only beat us by 2 runs, the score was 207 runs to us and 209 runs to them. After that we played Bidborough, unfortunately we lost by 5 runs. Then we played against St. Pauls, we won 271 to 213. Our last match was against Soughborough, we lost by 20 runs. Thank you to Mrs Lewis for driving us there and thank you to Mrs Waller for umpiring us.

Team; Bethany H, Isobel F, Victoria T, Alice R, Joe B, Spencer C, Josh M, Kyle M and Sam J.

- 10 June 2009 01:08 - GeneralTag Rugby Tournament

Tag Rugby ‘A’ Team

On Wednesday 29th April, St. James’ Tag Rugby ‘A’ team played a tournament at St. Marks ground.
We played four games, the first was against St. Marks, and the score was 6-4 to them. Then we played against St. John’s and it was 7-4 to us. We then played against Claremont and it was 11-1 to them. Finally we played against Beechwood and the score was 7-6 to them.

We all enjoyed it and it was great fun.

Thank you to Mrs Simkins for driving us there, and to Mrs Ingman, Mr Card and Mr Mudge for supporting us.

Team: Toby W, Francesca S, Joanna, Jonny, Miller, Spencer, Oscar, Josh M and Alice.

Report by Joanna.

Tag Rugby ‘B’ Team

On Wednesday 29th April St. James’ Tag Rugby ‘B’ Team went to St. Marks Rugby Ground to play four matches. Our first match was against Frant ‘A’ Team. Luca scored the first and second try, leaving the final score 6-2 to them.

Our second match was against Speldhurst, they were in the lead, but in the second half, both Torrin and Luca scored leaving the final score 5-4 to them.

Our third match was against Groombridge, everyone played well but they took the lead and won 8-4.

Our last match was against Brenchley and Matfield, almost all the team scored, but Brenchley went on to win 9-7.

Thank you to Mrs Ingman and David for coaching us and to Mrs Simkins for driving us there.

Team: Talia, Jodie, Madeleine, Grace, Max L, Luca, Dean C, Joe T, Joe W and Torrin.

Report by Jodie and Grace.

- 29 April 2009 01:37 - GeneralRugby

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April, Tonbridge Juddians played in the west coast festival in Weston-Super-Mare.

Our first match was against Ealing B. In the first half we dominated and came out with 6 tries to 0. In the second half, they fought back but we held strong and scored 2 tries to make the final score 8-0. Our second match was against Market Harbourough B. We played well and won the game6-0. Our final match was against the hosts, Weston-Super-Mare. We kept most of the possession and scored 5 tries to win the match 5-0.

On Sunday we played our semi-final against Market Harborough A. We battled and came out on top, 2-1 after the first half. Then we came and scored 5 more tries to win 7-0.

We were in the final!

The final was against Ealing A. We played well, especially Huw who saved us with breakaway tackles. We ended the match 4-0 to Tonbridge. The team felt sorry for Ealing because the had two injuries, a sprained ankle and severe concussion.

Thank you to my Dad for coaching us while we were there.

Report by Josh M. 5 Alpha.

- 20 April 2009 01:38 - GeneralHockey

On Friday 20th March, St. James’ ‘A’ team played in a hockey tournament at Hawkenbury AstroTurf.

The first game was against Speldhurst, with the final score 0-0. The second game was against Pembury and the final score was 2-0 to them. The third match, against St. Paul’s was very tight and ended in a draw. The final game was against St. Mark’s and we had a goal disallowed and we let in a goal. We ended second in our group.
Thank you Mrs Moriarty and Mrs Gilman for taking us.

Team: Sam A, Max O, Oliver H, Tristan, Sasha, Olivia, Jodie and Nadine all from year 6.

- 31 March 2009 01:05 - GeneralAthletics

AthleticsOn 27th March six boys and six girls went to Ashford to take part in the Kent Primary Schools County Finals with other schools from all over Kent.

We spent all day at a sports hall in Ashford, leaving at 8.15am and getting back to school at 3.15pm.

Our best results of the day were in the boys 2 + 2 lap relay and the 1 + 1 relay, run by Toby and Toby in which we came first and then second overall. We also came first in the girl’s long jump, triple jump and the boy’s javelin and third in the boys triple jump.

We tried our best and did very well. We came 5th out of 12 schools from the whole of Kent. Over 600 schools entered.

Thank you to Mrs Waller for organising us and thank you to Mrs Simkins for driving us and supporting us.

Team; Toby W, Toby R, Megan T and Alice all from year 6. Also Mungo, Joe T, Miller, Spencer, Sophie H, Sophie R, Isobel F and Alice R.

Report by Toby and Toby.

- 27 March 2009 18:13 - GeneralBasketball B Team Report

Basketball ‘B’ Team - 4th March

The first game was against St. Marks it was tough and we got a draw 1-1. The next game was against St. John’s where the final score was 1-0 to us. Our next match was against St. Augustine’s ‘B’ team, we played really well and with one goal in it the final score was 2-1 to us. The fourth game was against St. Matthews with a six goal thriller and we won 4-2. The last game against Sherwood, we battled hard and the final score was 1-0. We won the ‘B’ group so got into the final which was against St. Augustine’s ‘A’ team, all of the team played really well, but in the last throw of the games they scored a basket. The final score was 1-0 to them.

Thank you to Mrs Waller for organising the event and to Mrs Simkins for some excellent driving to get us there on time.

Team: Max O’, Natasha, Olivia, Phoebe S and Oliver H Yr 6 and Euan A – Yr 5.

- 4 March 2009 18:18 - GeneralBasketball A Team Report

Basketball ‘A’ Team - 4th March

On 4th March pupils from years 5 & 6 went to Bennett Memorial School to play a series of basketball matches. Our first match was against Pembury, we all tried hard and had lots of shots, but the score was 0-0. Our second match was against St. John’s, they scored first, but we came back and scored 2 baskets, which made the end result 2-1 to them. The next match was against Sherwood, we drew 3-3. Our fourth match, was against St. Augustine’s they won 2-0. The final match was against Broadwater, they defended well and got a basket, but we got 3 more, which made the final score 3-1.

Thank you to Mrs Simkins and Mrs Woolgar for driving us there and thank you to Mrs Waller for organising it.

Team: Nadine, Jodie, Haytham, Rhys Yr 6 and Joe T Yr 5.

- 4 March 2009 18:17 - GeneralSpeedstacking

3rd March 2009

On Tuesday 3rd March children were chosen to represent the school at a demonstration at the Camden Centre. It was in front of about 15 adults and a few of our parents and we showed all the basic moves, and even a few of the harder ones. We also were able to make and eat our own tortilla toasties afterwards.

Thank you, Mrs Walters, Mr Chandler and Mrs Benson for taking us, we are all very grateful.

Representatives, Yr 6; Alice, Lillie, Louis K, Haytham and Lauren
Yr 5; Amy and Aidan
Yr 4; Sanjana, Omar, Celly, Olivia and Jasmine
Yr 3 Ben and Isobelle.


As a result of the Tunbridge Wells Primary Schools Speedstacking tournament in December St. James’ Junior Speedstacking Team qualified for the Kent School Games. They were representing the Tunbridge Wells District, which was one of the thirteen representatives from Kent at the Games.

Each of the five competitors took part in the four events, which were 3-3-3 combination,
3-6-3 combination, The Cycle and the Team Relay.

Report by Max and Oscar.

- 3 March 2009 00:53 - GeneralTWGSS Dance Festival

On Wednesday 11th February ten girls from year 5 went to TWGGS to take part in a dance festival.

Lucy and Amy joined with pupils from St. Augustines. We thought we ended up with the best dance as it was the 1980’s Michael Jackson hit ‘Thriller’.

The rest of St. James’ did a street dance to ‘Step Up’.

It was great fun and very enjoyable. Thank you to Mrs Holwell for looking after us while we were there and thank you to Mrs Simkins for driving us there.

Report by Amy.

Those who took part were; Autumn, Yasmine, Coral, Francesca S, Joanna, Mai, Gemma, Amy, Lucy and Jazzy.

- 12 February 2009 18:24 - GeneralAthletics

AthleticsA team of six boys and six girls, took part in twelve events at Tunbridge Wells High School on Wednesday 28th January. Each member of the team took part in three events. Mrs Waller reported that the team did very well in all events. The overall result, which was based on times, will be announced in the next few days.

Team members; Joe T, Miller, Mungo, Toby R, Toby W, Spencer, Alice W, Megan T, Isobel F, Sophie H, Sophie R and Alice R all from years 5 & 6.

Results update

Aaron Davey from the TW Sports Partnership attended assembly to announce the result. The team had won, by an impressive 55 points and were presented with the trophy. They now travel to Ashford at the end of March to take part in the Kent Festival, against other schools from all over Kent.

- 28 January 2009 18:10 - GeneralNew Age Curling

On Wednesday 14th January, four pupils from year 3 and year 4 went to Tunbridge Wells High School to take part in the Curling Festival. There was a year four team, Team A and a year 3 team, Team B.

St James' B Team got to the finals and so did the Southborough Team A. In the first round St. James' B Team got 8 points and in the second round they got 1 point. At the end the total scores were announced. St James' scored a total of 9 points and Southborough scored a total of 21 points. Sadly we didn't win, but came in second.

Thank you to Mrs Simkins for driving us and to Mrs Waller for supporting us.

* Team A: Sanjana, Nathan, Emily and Jessica
* Team B: Oscar, Abbie, Faris and Somerton.

Report by Sanjana Year 4

- 14 January 2009 01:26 - GeneralSpeedstacking

SpeedstackingOn Wednesday 10th December St. James’ Speedstacking Teams, 1, 2, 3 & 4 went to St. John’s School to take part in a tournament.

Each team had a member from each year group.

First we did the 3-3-3 stack and Joe and Amy went into the ‘stack off’, however St. Marks’ won.

Then for the last set we did the timed relays and our teams 1 and 4 got through to the final, we were sure to win as it was St. James’ against St. James’ However only one team could win and that team was team 4.

Thank you to Mrs Waters and Mrs Waller for organising the fantastic evening.

Report by Lauren and Lillie.

Team 1; Isobel K, Celly J, Joe W and Luca S.
Team 2; Ben A, Olivia G, Aidan B and Lillie.
Team 3; Phoebe F, Sanjana R, Josh M and Lauren.
Team 4; Gary H, Omar A, Amy L and Haytham S.

- 10 December 2008 18:21 - GeneralRugby

On Sunday 5th October Tunbridge Juddians U10’s went to Foxbury to play in a rugby tournament.

Our first game was against Beckenham. We had a solid win of 6-0. Our next game was against Cranbrook, who defended well and the final score was 0-0. Our third game was against Sidcup, which we won 2-0. Our last group game was against Bromley, we drew 0-0, but this was enough to get to the cup final. It was against Westcombe Park.

The game was amazing and our defence was strong even though we were very close to our try line. The final score was 0-0, so the cup was shared.

Report by Josha 5α.

- 5 October 2008 01:39 - GeneralSports Day 2008

Sports Day took place on Thursday 26th June, the sun shone and it was a beautiful afternoon. Many parents came along to support the children, the PFA provided Pimms, juice, lollies and biscuits for them.
Children sat in their houses Wellington - wearing red, Scott - wearing yellow, Livingstone - wearing green and Nelson - wearing blue.

The first races on the track were the 100m sprint for both boys and girls in all year groups, while the track events took place, at the other end of the field the field events started with throwing followed by the hop, step and jump. On the track skipping races followed the sprints. It was then time for the Mums race, they were a little reluctant, but finally they lined up and headed for the finish line, The Dads were keen to have a go, and in the end 3 races had to be run due to the number wanting to race. The toddlers then had their go, with brothers and sisters on hand to help them. After that the bean bag and hoop races took place.

At the half way mark Nelson were in the lead with 64 points, Wellington had 60, Scott 48 and Livingstone 41. The last races were the class races, the long distance race over 400m and finally the relay.

It was very tense as points were added up.
In the end the winning team was Nelson, congratulations to them all. Team captains received the trophy, with its blue ribbons on, from Mr Chandler, the Headteacher.

- 30 June 2008 00:11 - GeneralKwik Cricket

On 11th June, St. James’ A and B teams set off to the Neville Cricket ground to take part in the annual Kwik Cricket Festival.
A team report

Ollie, Sam 6A, Robbie, Jacob, Victoria, Ralph, Bryony and Niall 6α

Our first match was against St. Pauls which we won, but it was close. The second match was against Bidborough which we lost, but again it was a good game. We finished second in our group and we went through to the quarter finals to play against Southborough, which we won by 30 runs. Then we went through to play Horsmonden in the 5th and 6th play offs. We won by 39 runs. We all played really well and finished 5th.

Report by Ollie.
B team report

James, James H, Chris, Adam, Oliver 6A, Tom P, Thea, Emma, 6α and Will 5α

We played a total of 16 matches and only lost one, by a few runs. Every member of the team should be proud of their performance. Will’s powerful batting sent our opponents running in all directions and Thea and Adam also did some great batting. James and Chris nailed some tricky catches. Oliver was an excellent wicket keeper and Emma and James both took wickets with their skilful bowling!

Ollie kindly volunteered to play in the friendly against Sherwood and played well.

Report by Tom P.

We had a great afternoon, many thanks to Mrs Hemsley for organising it and to Mrs Ingman.

- 11 June 2008 01:49 - GeneralRugby

On Wednesday 4th June St. James’ A and B teams played 4 games at Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club.
A Team Report

Sam, Ollie, Chris, Natalie, 6A, Robbie, Victoria, Jacob and William 6α, and Olivia 5α.

Our first match was against Langton Green and we won 6-5, we then played St. Peters and won that match too, 5-3. Next was the game against Groombridge which we lost 2-7. The last match was against St. John’s which we won 6-2. That meant we had made it through to the quarter finals where we played St. Augustines, last years winners, but unfortunately lost 4-6. St Augustines went on to win the tournament.

Report by Sam.
B Team Report

Max, Oliver, 5α, Haytham, Tristan, Louis 5A, Bryony, Emma 6α and Grace 6A.

The first game was against Horsmonden, who were really strong and unfortunately we lost 4-1. Our second match was against Frant, we played really well and scored 4 tries, but Frant scored 5 and we lost the game really late on. The final score was 5-4 to Frant. Our third game was another close game with St. John’s who won the game 3 tries to 2. Our final game was against Langton Green where we played really well. We won the game 6-4. The scorers were;- Max 2 tries, Tristan, Haytham, Suzanne and Bryony.

Overall we played really well and scored a total of 13 tries.

Report by Max and Oliver

Thank you to Mrs Hemsley for a very enjoyable afternoon.

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