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Sports Morning - Field Events

 Sports Morning – Field Events 

On Wednesday 12th July, the whole school went out to take part in sports events on the field & playground.  Pupils worked in house teams of eight, two from each year group.  There were twelve activities to complete: Curling, netball, the obstacle course, hockey skills, over and under, shot putt, 5 strides, the penalty shootout, bean bag target, javelin, golf and speed bounce.  Staff noted the scores and also awarded additional points for sportsmanship.  All children enjoyed each individual event, (6 minutes per activity) and supported each other enthusiastically, despite the rain which didn’t manage to dampen their spirits.
JS - 12 July 2017 13:13 - GeneralSports Day 2011

Monday 13th June began gloomy and damp, not the sort of weather you would want for sports day!  But not to be put off everyone headed outside to the field and playgrounds for the mornings field events.  Events included, golf, shot putt, javelin, hockey, standing long jump, under & over, netball goals and the bean bag challenge.  Each 'house' team was made up of a child from each class, so there were 8 in each team.  The older children helping and encouraging the younger children.  Staff monitored the events set out around the school. Points were awarded for sportsmanship and team achievement.   After lunch, amazingly, the sun came out and parents arrived to witness a fabulous afternoon of track events, culminating in Livingstone winning, the trophy for track events, field events and also the sportsmanship trophy.  This was quite an achievement, especially as they have not won any trophy for the last 16 years!!!   Well done Livingstone. Thanks to Mrs Waller who organised everyone and our volunteer parents, who helped in the morning and finally Msporti for their help on the day.

- 16 June 2011 15:14 - GeneralSports Day

Sports Day 12th July 2010.

On a dull and overcast morning, all the children went onto the field in teams of 8. One child from each class in their houses; Wellington in red, Livingstone green, Nelson blue and Scott in yellow. There were eight events; golf, cricket bowling, target bean bag, standing soccer throw, standing jump, hop, step & jump, hockey and football – sponsored penalty kick.
Points were awarded for each event and the teams rotated round the field, with four events before break and four after break. Teams were able to gain extra points for good sportsmanship.

After lunch, the sun came out and parents took up their seats at the side of the track for the track events. The first race was the bean bag and tin, followed by the sack races and then the sprints, and the bat and ball race. It was then the turn of the toddlers, the Mums and the Dads to race. These were followed by the skipping races and lastly the relays.

Wellington won the Sportsmanship Cup.
Livingstone won the Field Events Cup.
Wellington won the Track Events Cup.

Everyone had a great day and thank you Mrs Waller for organising and running the day.


- 12 July 2010 19:54 - GeneralSports Day 2009

Thank you to everyone who helped at our Sports Day. Thank you too, to all the supporters – our biggest crowd ever.

In the morning the children went around in mixed age group teams, taking part in 8 different activities. There were throwing, jumping and team relay events. The final scores were remarkably close with all houses scoring over 6000 points. Scott House were the winners with 6,860 points. Congratulations to them.

The teams scored for good sportsmanship and politeness as well, which we believe is very important and the results of this were close too. The winning house was Livingstone. Congratulations.

In the afternoon we ran an amazing 88 races, plus the toddlers and parents races. Apologies for over-running, but we hope you enjoyed it. It was a very hot day and the children were really grateful for the ice-lollies from the PFA afterwards, so thank you to them. The winners in the afternoon were Wellington House. Congratulations.

Well done to all the children. There is a year to recover, before we do it again!

- 26 June 2009 00:39 - GeneralSports Day 2008

Sports Day took place on Thursday 26th June, the sun shone and it was a beautiful afternoon. Many parents came along to support the children, the PFA provided Pimms, juice, lollies and biscuits for them.
Children sat in their houses Wellington - wearing red, Scott - wearing yellow, Livingstone - wearing green and Nelson - wearing blue.

The first races on the track were the 100m sprint for both boys and girls in all year groups, while the track events took place, at the other end of the field the field events started with throwing followed by the hop, step and jump. On the track skipping races followed the sprints. It was then time for the Mums race, they were a little reluctant, but finally they lined up and headed for the finish line, The Dads were keen to have a go, and in the end 3 races had to be run due to the number wanting to race. The toddlers then had their go, with brothers and sisters on hand to help them. After that the bean bag and hoop races took place.

At the half way mark Nelson were in the lead with 64 points, Wellington had 60, Scott 48 and Livingstone 41. The last races were the class races, the long distance race over 400m and finally the relay.

It was very tense as points were added up.
In the end the winning team was Nelson, congratulations to them all. Team captains received the trophy, with its blue ribbons on, from Mr Chandler, the Headteacher.

- 30 June 2008 00:11 - General
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