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Tudor Day 2011

Tudor Day 2011.

Year 5 had a Tudor Day on 24th June. The children all became apprentices and learnt different trades.  They all then had a grand banquet whilst watching some tudor entertainment.

- 1 July 2011 11:45 - GeneralYear 5 Tudor Day

In the morning we did some workshops including barber-surgeons, chandlers (candle makers), perfume making and lots of others. We had sudden interferences of news flashes on the way Anne Boleyn would be executed. We were also told the maid had left the ice house door open and maggots had crawled in and eaten the meat and fish! She would be punished at the banquet! At break, our person running the day said 'no playing in the haystacks', but two boys went and did just that! Then we went and practiced our banquet entertainment. After lunch we had our banquet, the moment we had been waiting for! We ate bread, cheese, gingerbread and biscuits. Our entertainment was; singing, acting, jesters, jugglers and dancing. We had the maid and the boys who rolled in the haystacks punished.

We all had a great day and thanks to Liz, the Lady of the Manor, for running the day.

Report by Josh M and Harrison. 5 Alpha

It really felt that I was a Tudor, with everyone around me looking Tudor and stalls where we could make candles and leather book marks. We enjoyed making things and learning to speak quite 'posh' like a Tudor. Everyone looked stunning and you could tell who was poor and who was rich.

By Alex 5A

It was really fun dressing up and doing the exciting workshops. I really liked the gossip too. We learnt about how the Tudors thought and how they felt about Anne Boleyn. It was really like we had gone back to the Tudor times in a Tudor Manor house.

By Hannah 5A

I didn't know what to expect when I first come into school, but the day turned out to be really fun and exciting.
My favourite part of the day was the feast. It was funny because of the different acts, acrobats, dancers, singers and the players.

by Autumn, 5A


My Tudor Day by Amy 5A

My Tudor day was so much fun. I loved playing my part as a Tudor girl in a Tudor world. It felt so real because of all the people dressing up as fun people from the past. I was a dancer in the Tudor Day Feast, there will never be a better day than the day I had on Tudor Day.

- 26 June 2009 00:36 - GeneralHever Castle

Our Year 5 children went to find out more information for their Tudor project.

On the way to Hever Castle we stopped at Penshurst to look at and sketch Tudor houses, then on to Hever Castle.

They had a great time as you can see from some of our photos.

- 17 June 2008 00:14 - General
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