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Creepy Crawly Christmas

Cracking Creepy Crawly Christmas

The brilliant year 4 play was in the St. James Junior School hall. This wonderful play was on 10th December 2013. This is a play about a young caterpillar on a quest to return a star in the sky. All of year 4 were in it. If you weren’t there shame on you! Because it was epic.

The fleas were amazing with their gymnastics performance and so were the flies with their violins. We also had a surprise in the last scene. There was lots of fantastic dancing and lots of brave solo’s and duet singing. It was very funny and Mr. Smith said our singing was fantastic! Also Mr. Tutt said it was one of the best plays ever.

Report by Scarlett, year 4.

JS - 12 December 2013 14:56 - GeneralPort Lympne Zoo

Port Lympne Zoo ~ Year 4 trip, September 2011

On Wednesday 21st September Year 4 went on safari to Port Lympne Zoo. Some of us even went as explorers!

First we set off for Basecamp. En route we saw a snow leopard and two lionesses. Then we walked sensibly down and climbed into the jeep. Then we plugged our belts in and we were off! We didn’t really see anything but then the truck stopped and everyone started taking photos (there was a lot of commotion!) I looked up and saw a massive rhino and it kept on pushing itself over!

It took a while but soon we set off again. After that we saw a cheetah running around, it was amazing! Once we had done that we set off again and went to the African Experience where we saw giraffes and there was an ostrich in our path. Then we went out of it and went to see the meerkats who were adorable.

We got off the safari van and had lunch. On the way back we saw a gorilla. We were really close. A big gorilla had all the hay and two little ones stole the hay and used it to make their own bed!

The last animals we saw were the baboons. They were really fast and very interested in Year 4! And then it was time to go. We climbed on the coach and chatted until we were back at school. We really enjoyed our Safari.

By Sasha and Raf.

JS - 2 October 2011 09:39 - General
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