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Maidstone Museum

Year 5 trip to Maidstone Museum

On Wednesday 6th November, the whole of Year 5 went to Maidstone Museum to learn about the Ancient Egyptians. The first thing we did was to split into groups. The first group went to learn about mummification in the Great Hall while the second group went to round the museum to look at the artifacts; the third group went to mummify an orange! The group in the Great Hall organized the stages of mummification then looked at some artifacts that were 3000 years old and some that were just replicas on the different stages. After that they went into a circle again and observed some real parts of Egyptian mummies such as two hands, one belonging to a boy and the other to a girl, a foot & a cats head.

The second group went to see Egyptian exhibits. There were lots of interesting objects, such as real canopic jars and a mummified bird and cat’s head. Strangely there was some Victorian pottery there as well! At the end of the corridor was a little chapel with a real dead body. Her name was Ta-Kesh and she was the daughter of the doorkeeper of Osiris. We predicted she was about sixteen years old. There was also some real hieroglyphics on a piece of Ancient Egyptian papyrus. The museum thought it was from the Book of the Dead which helped a dead person get into the afterlife. We also saw the Victorian clothes section, (which was full of interesting and funny clothes), the dinosaur section (that roared!) a wildlife section full of dead and stuffed creatures, and a section on World Wars which was stuffed with medals and achievements.

The third group went to a room to mummify oranges. The first stage was to make a hole in the top of the orange and then hollow out the inside. The next stage was to fill the orange with cloth, bicarbonate of soda and salt. The last stage was to wrap the orange neatly with bandages. Then we were told to take them home and put them in a warm and dry place for 2 weeks.

All the groups got to take part in all the activities and have lunch.
All in all we had an excellent day out and would love to go again. Thank you to Miss Mallion and Mrs Holwell for organizing it.

Report by Sophie & Tilly

JS - 14 November 2013 15:25 - GeneralHever Castle

On 11th July year 5 went on a school trip to Hever Castle.


We had a tour of the castle and the tour guides were very nice. They showed us around the castle thoroughly and we learnt a lot about it. Most of us liked the instruments of torture, especially the masks. The statues of Henry VIII and his wives were amazing. We learnt a lot.


After the tour we had lunch by the lake and were invaded by ducks wanting to be fed! They were as hungry as us.


Eventually we went to the water maze. Most of us got completely soaked, but it was great fun! Then we needed a warm place to dry off, although on a scorching hot day like that one, it was easy to find. Soon we were relaxing by a fountain and were reluctant to get up to leave.


In a short time we had devoured ice-creams and were playing in the adventure playground, where there was a big wooden adventure maze.


It was a great school trip.


JS - 18 July 2013 11:21 - General
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