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Here are the posts for 2014

Maidstone Museum 2014

 Year 5 trip to Maidstone Museum

On Friday the 5th of December 2014, year 5 went to Maidstone Museum to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians and to do workshops. The first workshop was to make a film either about a day in the life of a nobleman or a farmer (in Ancient Egypt). The second workshop was to identify if the objects to see if they were an artifact, a replica or a representative. Most of the objects were replicas but some were real artifacts they had in Ancient Egypt! After that we had some yummy lunch. Next, we had a look at a real mummy that came from Ancient Egypt, she died when she was 12 years old. She had a hole in the side of her hip because when the sarcophagus was moved she was so fragile she broke! Then we went back to do another workshop, which was learning how to mummify someone or something. We got some cards with steps of how to mummify someone, which we had to put in the right order. After that it started to get even more fun. We got to mummify oranges and even draw death masks on them! We also got to take them home at the end. We really enjoyed ourselves at Maidstone Museum.

Report by Tess and Rosie.

JS - 11 December 2014 14:56 - GeneralReading with Infants November 2014

Reading with the Infants.  November 2014

Recently children from year 5 went over to the Infant School to read to, and share books with some of the younger children. Then some of the infant children read to the older children and talked about the books.  Next term children from a different year groups will share books.  All the children enjoyed the experience.  

JS - 11 December 2014 13:44 - GeneralLetter from new Chair of Governors

Letter from new Chair of Governors to parents.  December 2014.

Dear Parents,

I am delighted that my fellow Governors have asked me to chair the Governing Body. All four of my children were educated at St James's Schools, and I have been a Governor at the Junior School for over 20 years. I am most grateful to my predecessor, Stephen Francis, for his leadership over the past few years; he will be a hard act to follow.

It is an exciting and challenging time for St James's. The school is expanding; we have a brand-new classroom block; and we are introducing a new curriculum to meet Government requirements. We have an enthusiastic and committed Headteacher and staff, and it is a great pleasure for all Governors to be working with them in the interests of the whole school.

I know that the Headteacher and all classroom teachers are always happy to meet parents to discuss pupil progress or other issues of concern. But if there is anything you want to talk to a Governor about, then please do get in touch. We have five excellent parent governors, elected partly because of the skills they bring as well as to act as the representatives of parents on the Governing Body; or I would be happy to be contacted direct if I can help (Email: sjp29mpr@gmail.com).

On behalf of all Governors, may I wish children and parents a peaceful Christmas, and a very happy New Year.

Stephen Pollard

JS - 4 December 2014 14:23 - GeneralVictorian Afternoon

Victorian Afternoon - November 2014.

On Thursday the 27th November 2014 year 6 had a Victorian school afternoon. We all had to dress up in a Victorian school outfit. First of all we had drill, the girls and boys got split up into separate groups. The boys learnt how to march and the girls learnt how to walk with their backs straight and to curtsey.

Secondly the girls and boys went through separate doors into the “classroom” to start lessons. First we practised our handwriting in our copybooks (our hands hurt badly afterwards).

Next the headmaster came in and we all had to stand up. He told us that an inspector was coming in tomorrow. We then did our times tables and our teacher asked us hard maths questions. The first people wore a dunce’s hat! A boy got a caning for not bringing in his pennies. Finally we had poetry and had to describe it. The teacher asked people what each line meant.

All in all we had a brilliant time.

Report by Anna & Matilda

JS - 27 November 2014 13:47 - GeneralSponsored Walk October 2014

Sponsored Walk ~ October 2014

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the sponsored walk on 24th October. The children looked fantastic and there was a great atmosphere on the field.

Also, a massive thank you to the wider school community, all the parents, grandparents, friends, family and neighbours for all your support. Together, we raised just over £6500 to be spent on the new library.

There were also prizes of £100 given to 5M for best fancy dress and 3I for the class with the most sponsors. This money will be spent in the classroom.

Thanks again to everyone who took part and all the parents who helped to run the event.

Report & photos; Elaine and the PTA

JS - 6 November 2014 16:01 - GeneralDrusillas Zoo

Year 4 Visit Drusillas Zoo October 2014.

Stepping off the coach was one of most magical feelings I have ever felt. When we got off we went in the queue to get in. Once we got in we went to get our self weighed, to see if we weighed as much as a porcupine or something else. (Freya)

My favourite animal was the penguins. They got fed by the zoo keepers. Next the lady said there sound didn't work. after we saw the penguins they had a rock hopper penguins they only had one. There was lots of penguins swimming. (Nikolai)


My favourite animal was the swinging monkey that kept hitting the glass. There were 3 monkeys and a cute baby monkey which was the monkey who kept swinging. I decided that was my favourite animal because the monkey was a nice cream colour. (Finlay)

Reports from Year 4 following their trip.

JS - 16 October 2014 14:12 - GeneralPoet Paul Cookson visits

Poet Paul Cookson visits the school.

On Thursday 18th September we were lucky enough to meet the hilarious Paul Cookson. He is a brilliant poet; one of the poems he told us was very, very funny! We loved him playing the electric ukele and we joined in with the energetic actions doing the air ukele. There was a book he wrote called ‘How to Embarass your Teacher’. He explained his books in a very funny way.

He came a very long way to come to St. James School, he was very multi-talented. He was just like a comedian but he was 10 times funnier. He wanted to name a book, ‘It’s none of your Business’, so that when a teacher asks, ‘what are you reading?’ you can say, ‘it’s none of your business’, and the teacher thinks you are very rude!!

We all loved him!
Report by Tess & George. Year 5.

JS - 2 October 2014 15:35 - GeneralMP Opens new Chandler Building

Greg Clark MP opens new Chandler Building

Our new classroom block, The Chandler Building, was formally opened on Thursday 25 September by the Rt Hon Greg Clark, MP for Tunbridge Wells. The building has been named after Mr Paul Chandler, Headteacher of the School between 1995 and 2010. Paul and his wife June were of course our chief guests for the day; other guests included Michael Harrison, Vice-Chair of Kent County Council; Paula Malpeli, the KCC Project Manager for the expansion; representatives of gdmarchitects, who designed the building, Coombs of Canterbury, who built it, and others associated with the construction; and a number of current and former Governors.

We were fortunate to enjoy a lovely sunny day for this ceremony. The children were all lined up on the playground, and listened attentively as John Tutt welcomed the guests and described how the building work had been going on over the past eight months. Our Vice-Chair of Governors, Stephen Pollard, then reminded everybody of all the achievements of the School under Paul Chandler’s leadership, including the construction of the music room, library, small group rooms, ICT room and science room; being one of the first schools in Kent to be connected to the Internet; becoming a Beacon School and obtaining our Activemark and Artsmark Gold awards; and being assessed as Outstanding in our 2008 Ofsted inspection. Stephen concluded by saying that we could think of no better way of marking the achievements of the past, and looking forward to more in the future, than to name the building for Paul in celebration of all that he had done for the School.

Greg Clark MP then cut the ribbon to open the new building, assisted by members of the School Council, before congratulating Paul and expressing his thanks to all the pupils for his warm welcome. Mr Clark and Paul then unveiled the plaque on the front of the building, before touring the new classrooms to talk to Year 4 children, and finally gathering for refreshments in one of the new Year 6 classrooms.

It was a memorable day for all who attended, and we hope that future generations of pupils at St James’s will be as delighted with the new building as we are!

In assembly, staff and pupils thanked Mr Tutt very much for all his hard work during the building work and all the recent changes which have taken place at the school recently.

JS - 28 September 2014 10:40 - GeneralBig Little Award

Big Little Award 2014.

Donated by the Little Family when their children left the school, this shield is awarded to two children in year 5 at the end of each year. The award is for their fantastic attitude to learning, being a good friend, kind and considerate to others and trying hard at everything. They both get on without any fuss and always do their best. The award was presented by the Head Teacher to Anna, currently in 5H and Joel, currently in 5M. Congratulations to both children who had big smiles and were delighted to receive their award. They will share the shield over the year.

JS - 23 July 2014 13:07 - GeneralKent Gymnastics Final - Winners

Kent Gymnastic Finals July 2014

At the beginning of July 2014 the year 5/6 gymnastics team and the year 3/4 gymnastics team, who had competed in the local competition before Easter and qualified for the Kent final, competed in the final. Over 400 gymnasts competed in the final; all had previously been local winners. The results have only just been received as the finals took place over several sessions due to the number of gymnasts taking part. St James year 5/6 team won the Kent Final and the year 3/4 team were runners-up and only 0.1 of a mark behind the winners. Both teams did incredibly well and were coached by Mrs Crane, who was very proud of them. They all received certificates, and medals.
Year 5/6 team; Maisie, Bethan, Clemmie and Jacob. Year 3/4 team; Charlotte, Daniel, Olivia and Lola.

JS - 18 July 2014 14:09 - GeneralWhat A Knight - Panto

What A Knight - Year 6 Panto 2014

On Thursday 17th July 2014 Year 6 performed their pantomime, What a Knight! We did three performances all together. It was really good fun and everyone enjoyed it. There were plenty of jokes to laugh at and baddies to boo at. It was jam packed with entertainment; with nine scenes and six songs. A total of 46 characters and 20 backstage crew members including sound, lighting, OHP, scene changers, props and dancers made up the cast. The story focused on the characters Watt Cobblers played by Poppy, Merlin the Magician played by Aidan, the Black Knight played by Max, Princess Alice played by Sasha and finally Dusty the Dragon played by Shreya, but it really was a team effort. The play wouldn’t have come together if us, the children, hadn’t cooperated and worked together. Many thanks too to Mr Smith who played the piano and directed the play with Miss Baker. Also Mrs Crane, Miss Gibson, Mrs Woolgar, Mrs Dowdy & Shaun who all helped with props, scenery and back stage; finally a big thank you to all the parents who came along on a very hot day (and evening) to watch the pantomime. Report by Lucy & Ollie

JS - 18 July 2014 13:30 - GeneralSports Morning 2014

Sports Day 2014

‘Sports Morning’ took place on Thursday 16th July; it was a hot, sunny morning as the school gathered on the field for a morning of sport. To begin the Strictly Cool Dancers performed their award winning performance, followed by the year 5/6 gymnastics team who have just won the Kent finals and finally the year 3/4 gymnastics team who were runners-up in the Kent finals. Then pupils got into their groups, which were made up of a boy and a girl from each year group in the sports houses of Scott, Wellington, Nelson & Livingstone making up teams of eight and moved to their first activity. Activities such as javelin, bat and ball, hockey, hop step & jump, shot put, golf, bean bag & hoop and an obstacle course were set up around the field and groups moved around completing all the activities. Points were awarded for sportsmanship & encouraging others and for completing tasks. Parents arrived after break and watched the activities taking place. Unfortunately the usual track events were unable to take place this year due to the building work and so not enough room on the field.
The results were announced in Celebration Assembly on 17th. Scott won the ‘Sportsmanship’ Trophy, Izzy and Adam received the trophy on behalf of the team. Wellington won the Field Events trophy, which was received by Dan & Jess, both trophies were presented by Mr Tutt.

JS - 17 July 2014 14:13 - GeneralNew PE Kit

New PE Kit is now available.

Please contact the office for the new kit. The price is the same for all sizes

PE. T-shirts - £8
PE. Shorts - £3.25
Tracksuit Tops - £12.75
Tracksuit Trousers - £7.25
Sports Socks - £2.50
Swimming Hats with the school logo - £3.65

JS - 27 June 2014 05:19 - GeneralIsle of Wight 2014

Monday; good journey and groups enjoyed activities in the afternoon. In the evening everyone walked to the beach for a camp fire. Lots of tired but happy children. 

Tuesday; began overcast but sun now making an appearance while the children canoe & Mrs Holdstock flies her kite on the beach. Tide coming in & everyone having fun. After a good lunch, it's hot and sunny. Lots of different activities such as fencing, archery, climbing, Jacobs ladder and orienteering. 

Wednesday; dull & overcast this morning, but Joe & Mrs Holdstock are having happy birthdays. Heading off to sensory trail, quad bikes, aeroball this morning.

Lookingforward to dragon boating this afternoon. Red squirrels have been spotted on site.

JS - 16 June 2014 20:02 - GeneralRoman Day

Roman Day April 2014

On Year 4 Roman Day everybody rushed into the classroom with excitement! After we had all admired each other’s Roman costumes, we went into the hall. We all sat down and the lady in charge (Mistress Helena) told us that we were all slaves!
We had to be apprentices and some of the activities were charm making, fresco painting, making oil lamps, making wax tablets and creating mosaics. After a few activities Mistress Helena announced that Boudica, the Celtic Queen, had burnt down Colchester and London! We had to go outside to build up our strength and get some fresh air!

When we came back in, we were told that we had won a great victory against the Celts and that Boudica had killed herself. We had a feast of wine (blackcurrent squash), cheese, bread and grapes to celebrate. We also provided some entertainment such as a Roman play, mime, dance and solider routine. Finally, one of the slaves had to be whipped because she had stolen from her master, ouch!

It was a really fun day and a great end to our Roman topic.
By Susie 4B

JS - 9 May 2014 13:30 - GeneralGymnastics 2014

Gymnastics Competition 2014

At the end of the spring term; 3 girls and a boy from years 5 and 6 and 3 girls and a boy from years 3 and 4 went to compete in a local gymnastics competition at NDGA.

After a warm up, the year 3&4 team performed their solo routines, while the year 5&6 team waited to do their vault. Then the year 3 and 4 team did their vaults. While they were doing that the years 5 and 6 team had a break. They had to wait for a while until they could do the next rotation which was body management; this involves lots of control and balance. After the year 5 and 6 team had performed their solos, it was the year 3 and 4 teams turn to do body management.

The results from the schools competing in the morning where added to those that competed in the afternoon and in the year 5 and 6 competition St. James came first. In the year 3 and 4 competition St. James finished in second place. Both teams will now go through to the Kent finals in July.

Year 5/6 Team; Beth, Maisie, Jacob & Poppy.
Year 3/4 Team; Daniel T, Charlotte, Ariella & Charlotte.

JS - 1 May 2014 15:52 - GeneralNew Classroom Walls

New Classroom Walls ~ April 2014

After years of being open plan, new classroom walls were built in the Easter holidays.  Now classrooms in years 3, 4 & 5 all have classroom walls and doors.  Staff and pupils have very quickly got used to less background noise and the new layout.

JS - 24 April 2014 14:55 - GeneralStrictly Cool Dancing

Strictly Cool Dancing 2014.

On Wednesday 2nd April a team of 34 agile dancers performed in the musicals themed dance evening at the E M Forster Theatre at Tonbridge School. They performed a dance called ‘The Cabaret of Life’ which told the story of life through the musicals. The children did a fantastic dance and the presenter was so touched by it she was lost for words. The judges thoroughly enjoyed it and said it was smooth and sleek. One said that it was like a show in itself. For the first time in three years it was announced that we were in the final. We were so excited there were screams of joy from the children and the adults. The children then performed their dance again for the final. They were amazing! Unfortunately we just missed out to Stocks Green School. However, both the winners and St James' will perform their dance again at another dancing event in June as a reward for doing so well.

Thank you to Miss Gibson, Mrs Waller, Miss Butler and of course Mr Tutt for coming to support the dancers. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and support. Most importantly, thank you to all the dancers who took part. You were all fabulous and brilliant runners up.

Report from Mrs Raistick.

The biggest thank you goes to Mrs Raistrick, for her amazing choreography, time and patience to put together the wonderful dance!

JS - 4 April 2014 13:36 - GeneralNetball High 5 Winners

Netball High 5's Tournament

On the 20th March the Netball A Team played in a tournament at TWGGS. They played six matches, four in the group stages and two in the semi-final and final. In the group stages they won two matches and drew two, which got them through to the semi-finals against Claremont A. They drew 2-2, but as they scored the first goal they made it through to the final against Bishops Down. St. James won 2-1, with Claudia scoring both goals. The team now qualify for the county championships.
Team; Phoebe C, Claudia, Ollie, Isabelle HG, Lucy, Jasper & Hannah B.

JS - 1 April 2014 11:44 - GeneralHistoric Football Win

 Historic win for St. James Football A & B Teams

Congratulations to both the Football A and B teams who both won their leagues for the second consecutive year.  

Last year was the first time that a school won both the A and B league, and the boys have done it again this year.

Team members; Dan, Oscar, Max, Bertie, Jasper, Olloe, Jim, Alex, Omar, Tom V, Daniel, Owan, Adam, Brodie & Joel.

JS - 31 March 2014 17:10 - GeneralMusic Concert, Hollywood & Broadway

Music Concert There’s No Business Like Show Business

On Wednesday 26th March the choir put on a show for our parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles. The theme was Hollywood and Broadway and featured lots of songs from various musicals. Everyone came in bright colorful clothes for the evening and we all looked fantastic. The entrance hall was decorated with a red carpet and streamers while the hall was decorated as the Oscars.

The evening kicked off with ‘Another Openin’, Another Show from the musical Kiss Me Kate with a dance by Sophie, Eva and Jasmine. Then we sang ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’ from Gypsy the Musical. After that we sang ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ from Song Of The South. Next was ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo’ from Cinderella and there was a dance by Emma, Eva and Jasmine. Then we had a Matilda medley. We started with ‘Naughty’; Sasha sang the first two verses solo. Year six then came in and joined in for the rest of the song. Secondly, Year Six sang ‘Revolting Children’ (what a coincidence!). Finally, we sang ‘When I Grow Up’. Isobel; Isabelle; Maisie and Bethan sang the first two verses together. When it was the instrumental Sasha and India joined them for an amazing dance.

After the Matilda fest, we sang ‘The Candy Man’ from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. Next was ‘Seventy-six Trombones’ from The Music Man. In the middle of the song the Hollywood sign fell down and, being the pros we were, everyone carried on singing. We then sung ‘Put On Your Sunday Clothes’ from Hello Dolly, followed by ‘Over The Rainbow’ with solos from Izzy, Jessica, India and Ella. Following on from the Wizard Of Oz theme, we then sang ‘We’re Off To See The Wizard’.Next we had Poppy singing ‘Memory’ from the musical Cats. She sang the whole song very, very well sending some of the adults to tears! After, we had Shreya and Emilie singing a couple of verses from ‘This Is The Moment’ from Jeckyll and Hyde Then was ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, Shreya and Emily did a very fast dance! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is from the very popular musical Mary Poppins. After we sang ‘The Rhythm of Life’ from Sweet Charity. Our final song of the night was ‘There’s No Business Like Showbusiness’.

It was a very, very fun night, we can’t wait to do it again on Monday!

Thank you to the wonderful Mr. Smith who runs choir and played the piano, the paparazzi (Mrs Simkins), the PTA for decorating the hall and the mums and dads for coming to watch!

Report by: Isobel and Isabelle


JS - 31 March 2014 14:50 - GeneralYr 5 visit Penshurst Place

Year 5 Visit to Penshurst Place

On Tuesday 18th March year 5 had massive smiles on their faces as they got off the coach.
‘We saw the sight of an aged but grand building standing strongly. It was Penshurst Place. Then we were split into three groups and had the time of our lives walking around this majestic building to learn about the Tudors. There was an extremely famous picture of Queen Elizabeth 1st. We danced around an amber glowing fire in the great hall to soothing Tudor music and learnt how to curtsey and bow. We saw razor sharp swords sparkling in the sun light, the armour was very strong and didn’t dent when it was hit. We listened and watched as the barber surgeon described gory details about how he used his instruments to make people better. He talked about blood oozing everywhere! Then we went on to hear about how people were punished; there were many horrible ways people were treated if they did something wrong and people would gather to watch the punishments. In the dressing room a lady’s maid showed us some clothes worn by the rich and the plain clothes worn by the poor. The kitchen was full of food that would have been eaten and we were told they drank beer from the age of 5! Out in the grounds, there was a moaning Spanish prisoner who told us his tale of woe about the Spanish Armada. We all had lunch together and then went out to explore the vast gardens. We then enjoyed some time on the adventure playground next to a field of canary daffodils. We all had a sensational time'.

Report by Bella

JS - 20 March 2014 15:14 - GeneralWorld War II. Yr 3 trip

Year 3's World War II Visit to Kent Life Museum, ~ 6th March 2014

Extract from Freya’s report.

On 6th March 2014 the whole of year 3 went to the Kent Life Museum on a school trip. When we got there we went to the Lemham Cottages. Next door to the cottages on the left was the shop. In the shop we got lollipops & a stamp. Next we went to the play park and we had our snacks. After that we went to the rag rug lady in the Oast house room. We made our own mini rag rugs and really enjoyed it and are now inspired to make them at home. Next we went to the air raid warden in the cellar. In the cellar we heard all the warnings if a bomb was coming. It was really loud. Then we had lunch

Extract from Zach’s report.

After lunch we went to the wartime food activity in the lower wagon store and we learnt about rations and vegetables. Then we learnt about what you need to evacuate. We went to the home guard and learnt to march and we learnt the history of the Home Guard. After that we learnt about jobs for women. Then we left and went home.


JS - 13 March 2014 14:39 - GeneralWorld Book Day

World Book Day

On Wednesday 5th March 2014 it was International World Book Day. Everyone in the school dressed up as characters from their favorite book. It was great fun! Lessons were as normal, but we did have a Literacy lesson to do with World Book Day.

In assembly, Mr. Smith got each row in the hall to stand up and show the rest of the school their outfits. We then had to guess which character they were. There was a lot of Where’s Wallies, quite a few Cat in the Hats, and two pairs of Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Next we went out to play in our costumes, and everyone complimented everyone else on them. World Book day was brilliant and we can’t wait to do it all again! Thank you to Miss Mallion for organizing it all, we had a great day.

JS - 10 March 2014 13:42 - GeneralTudor Day 2014

Tudor Day 27.2.14

On the 27th February year 5 had a Tudor Day. We had it because our topic this term has been the Tudors. In the morning 5M made Tudor houses, we all loved it although some peoples broke, it was very fun! In the afternoon it got even better.
Firstly we got introduced to Peter a Tudor expert who had brought in lots of artefacts, some real and some copies. Once he had introduced himself he asked for people to come up to the front. I was one of them. I can remember a lawyer, a blacksmith (me), a peasant, a merchant, a monk, a farmer, soldiers & an executioner. I had to wear a leather coat – it stank!
After that I went and spun some wool, it was very hard, but in the end I got it. Next I went to Peter who was doing the coin making. You had to put a piece of silver on one side of the engraving, then put a tube over the top of it, put a big thing that had another engraving on it in the tube and whack the hammer on it! I was quite annoyed I didn’t get to whack the hammer! Once I had done that I went and tried on the armour. There was a chain mail head piece, chain mail body piece, gloves with hard metal coating & a helmet.
Finally we got to hold the guns and weapons. I held the war hammer, aka ‘the red fountain’ and a Tudor sword. The hammer was heavy, but the sword was surprisingly light. Then Peter got us all to sit on the floor & ask questions. I asked did the Tudors invent card games.
Overall my favourite thing was holding the weapons. I enjoyed it and so did everyone else. Would you have?
Report by Alex

On 27th February Peter the Peddler came to 5H’s classroom to talk about the Tudors.
First Peter talked us through lots of interesting objects (even some deadly ones!). One of the most dangerous was called a ‘red fountain’. This was made to go through peoples helmets. He also showed us one of the most important weapons in England – the English Long Bow.
After that Peter the Peddler let us do what we wanted. Some of us made things, we were allowed to dress up, play with Tudor toys, spin wool and look at artefacts. One of the best though was making our own coin.
A little later Peter stopped us to talk about dangerous weapons a bit more. The main one he was talking about was a musket. It was a big gun, which had problems. The musket couldn’t go out in the rain, so they had to cancel wars if it was raining. The only reason they made it instead of bows & arrows was because it was easy to train someone to use a musket.
We also had a table where we could do rubbings and the best rubbing won a prize (a leather Tudor bracelet). There was also two mystery items which in the end we had to guess what they were. We also go to try on some chain mail, but it was so hard to put on because it was really heavy.
All in all we had a really good time learning everything. We would love to do it again.
Report by Tom V.

JS - 28 February 2014 10:36 - GeneralSwimming Gala Report

Swimming Gala ~ February 5th 2014.

On the 5th February some children from years 4, 5 & 6 went to St. Johns swimming pool for a swimming gala. There were lots of schools competing.

First there were the single races, which all of us competed in and did very well in. Before the girls open heats, they announced the position of every school; we were joint first with St. Johns. Then Izzy & Harriet competed in the girls open heats, both doing well. Bella & Max both did very well in the diving competition with Max getting through to the final. Shortly after they announced the scores again, we were first. After that we had the boys open heats that Alex & Jacob both did and did great in. Next we had the girl’s freestyle relay, which Izzy B, Izzy HG, Olivia & Harriet did. Then it was the boys turn to race and they did so well coming first, but unfortunately they got disqualified. Finally it was the mixed medley, which Alex, Toby, Jacob, Harriet, Saskia & Izzy B competed in. They did really well. Jacob & Alex both qualified for the boys open heats final; they came second & third.

Then it was the results. They announced the B league first, then they moved on to the A league, which we were competing in. In first place was St. Augustine’s, second was St. John’s, there was only two points between them. We came third, with only one point between us and St. John’s. We had a great time. Thank you to Simon for coaching us, Mrs Waller, Mr Tutt & Mr Smith & all the parents & our team mates for supporting us.

Team; Isabelle HG, Isabelle B, Olivia, Dan, Max, Alex T, Bertie, Jacob, Harriet, Bella, Saskia, Toby Y, Amelia & Tom L.
Report by Isabelle HG.

- 6 February 2014 14:41 - GeneralExpansion Update

We are pleased to be able to let you know that work on the School expansion project should begin on Monday 3rd February as anticipated.

During the first two weeks the contractors will be carrying out preparatory work, including erecting hoardings and fences, placing a protective cover on the playground, removing a tree and some of the fencing between the playground and the drive, and taking delivery of plant and materials. They hope to start removing soil from the bank where the new block will be situated on Friday 14th February (which is an INSET day), and to complete as much of this work as possible during the half-term break. We expect this work will still be going on when the children return, so there may be some noise and disruption for a few days afterwards.

The preparation and construction phases are scheduled to take 28 weeks, so if all goes well the building will be complete by mid-August, ready for occupation in the autumn term.

The School and the contractors have some exciting ideas for involving the children during the course of the project, and the Head Teacher will give more details shortly. Obviously, health and safety are of the highest importance on a construction site, and the Construction Director will be making a presentation about the project, including a safety briefing, to the whole School in the near future.

We hope you are as excited as we are that the expansion project is at last about to get under way. We will continue to keep you abreast of progress over the months to come.

JS - 1 February 2014 16:44 - General
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