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The e-Privacy Directive is a European law that was passed in Europe in 2011 and came into force in the UK on May 26th 2012.

From this date, websites which include features that place cookies on a visitor's device must advise the visitor that this is occurring.  The law was designed to stop privacy invasion and the tracking of the identity of visitors on a mass scale, particularly by large organisations who may be attempting to collect swathes of information about their visitors’ browsing habits without their knowledge. The law also aims to ensure that the public are more aware of cookies and what they do.

There are 4 types of cookie identified by the Directive.

‘Strictly necessary’ cookies - these are cookies that are necessary to place on the visitor’s device in order for the site to fulfil its primary function, such as cookies that enable the visitor to log in to an account.
Performance cookies - these cookies collect statistics about how visitors use a website, for instance where the visitor arrived to the site from, how long they spend there and which pages get visited most often.

There are circumstance when these may be used. Although no personal or identifable information is collected or stored.

Functionality cookies - these cookies allow the website to remember choices a visitor makes (such as the visitor’s name, language or region) and provide enhanced, more personal features.
Targeting cookies - these are cookies that sit on the visitor’s device and record their browsing habits and preferences. This information is then used to define visitor interests and therefore tailor marketing and online advertising to them.

We have no intention of ever using these forms of cookie.